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The hand: we use it as a tool, as a symbol, and as a weapon. A whole literature of legend, folklore, superstition, and myth has been built up around the human hand. As an organ of performance it serves as eyes for the blind, the hearing impaired and mute talk with it, and it has become a symbol of salutation, supplication, and condemnation. The hand has played a part in the creative life of every known society, and it has come to be symbolic or representative of the whole person in art, in drama, and in music.

Much in the same way that hands play a vital role in defining human nature and brilliance, feet also provide a imperative purpose. They transport us from place to place and allow us to dance. Our upright heel-toe, heel-toe is taken for granted once we get the hang of it, ask any parent of a toddler you know and the moment a baby takes their first step cannot be more magical or transcendent.

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